Judaisation of a Hispanic Ballad: “Landarico” in the Works of Sephardic Authors Haim S. Davičo and Laura Papo Bohoreta from the Former Yugoslavia

Zeljko Jovanovic


In this paper, I examine the case of domestication, i.e. judaisation of the Spanish ballad “Landarico” by the Sephardic communities of Serbia and Bosnia. Specifically, I analyse how the ballad was used by the two leading Sephardic authors of the former Yugoslavia, Haim S. Davičo (1854-1918) from Serbia and Laura Papo Bohoreta (1891-1942) from Bosnia, in their own original work. I agrue that the use these authors make of the ballad reflects the changes their respective communities introduced to the ballad's plot and meaning, as portrayed in other versions collected in the Iberian Peninsula and from among other Sephardic communities. Moreover, both authors depict the context (the place and the time) in which this ballad was performed, thus revealing valuable information about the role ballads (and folklore in general) had among the Sephardim. Particular focus is laid upon the issue of gender and balladry. 

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